What a D.C. dad’s fight for his daughters’ education says about girls of color in school

“I hope that they find normalcy”

The 9-year-old just had to see her locker, one she had already envisioned decorating with wallpaper and glittery things, before she was ready to say goodbye to her father.

The 12-year-old was a bit more hesitant.

Ivan Hall walked her to class on the first day of school this week and stayed a bit longer because she asked him not to leave. The time turned to 9 a.m., a full 15 minutes past the bell that signaled the start of class. The single father expected someone to nudge him toward the door, but no one did. He said goodbye at 9:10.

Then, as he walked out of the school, he let the tears come.

“It was totally different and what I’ve been working so hard toward,” he said. Already he could see that the Northwest Washington school, where he moved his daughters to this year after growing increasingly frustrated with schools in Southeast Washington, was going to offer a new experience.

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