We Believe Survivors: A Shared Message by the Ms. Foundation for Women

We believe survivors.

The past few weeks have been deeply painful. We know the barrage of victim-blaming coming from Trump’s administration is excruciating for many of us. We want to take a moment to acknowledge the heaviness and sorrow that many of us are holding as a result of personal and collective traumas. Women have been doing what we always do; putting our stories, bodies, and safety on the line in service of changing our community.

Let us be crystal clear: We believe Christine Blasey Ford, Deborah Ramirez, and Julie Swetnick. We believe the countless women of color who are survivors of gender-based violence whose stories go untold.

We want to thank you for your committed to our movement and ask you to take good care of yourself during this time. Should you find yourself overwhelmed by the news cycle and social commentary of gender-based violence, here are a few things you can do for self-care:

  • Unplug: As much as you can, eliminate the risk of triggering content by taking a break from social media.
  • Check in with your body: Take a few moments each day to slowly inhale and exhale and scan your body to determine if you are carrying pain or tension anyway. Make a plan to address any discomfort in your body, however, makes sense for you. Don’t forget to drink water.
  • Connect with your community: Take time to reach out to people you trust, have a meal with friends, and spend time enjoying community connection to remind yourself you are not alone.

In the meantime, we will not stop funding grassroots organizations and leaders who attack the blight of sexual violence until we have communities free of this threat.

Take good care of yourself,
Ms. Foundation for Women