Time's Person of the Year is more than that. It's a movement.

Under the umbrella “the Silence Breakers,” the magazine has honored the legions of women coming forward about sexual harassment in the workplace as its most influential entity of 2017.

“The hashtag #MeToo (swiftly adapted into #BalanceTonPorc, #YoTambien, #Ana_kaman and many others), which to date has provided an umbrella of solidarity for millions of people to come forward with their stories, is part of the picture, but not all of it,” the magazine said.

Sparked by actress Ashley Judd and others speaking out in a New York Times exposé of producer Harvey Weinstein’s alleged history of sexual misconduct, men and women in Hollywood started speaking up, dragging the likes of Kevin Spacey, Matt Lauer, Louis C.K. and more into the light over alleged harassment of various levels of severity.

“Were we supposed to call some fantasy attorney general of moviedom?” Judd told Time. She said she started talking about her Weinstein encounter right after it happened but found there was nothing to be done about what a screenwriter friend told her was an open secret in Hollywood.

“Emboldened by Judd, Rose McGowan and a host of other prominent accusers, women everywhere have begun to speak out about the inappropriate, abusive and in some cases illegal behavior they’ve faced,” Time wrote.

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