Mother blames poor medical care at immigration detention facility for death of her toddler

When Yazmin Juarez crossed the Rio Grande with her 18-month-old daughter on March 1, she planned to join her mother in New Jersey, where she hoped her baby girl would grow up at a safe distance from the violence roiling their native Guatemala.

But Juarez, 20, and her daughter, Mariee, were stopped by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents. They were held for three weeks at an immigrant detention center in Dilley, Texas, where Mariee fell ill.

By the time they were released, Mariee was coughing, vomiting and battling a high fever. Juarez rushed her daughter to a hospital in Edison a day after landing at Newark Liberty International Airport on March 25, but Mariee spent her final weeks fighting for her life before she suffered a fatal hemorrhage on May 10.

Now lawyers representing the family say they plan to sue multiple agencies associated with the immigrant detention center where Mariee started showing symptoms of an upper respiratory illness, alleging they provided inadequate care that led to Mariee’s death.

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