About Us


Girls and gender expansive youth of color live at the intersections of sexism, racism, and other forms of oppression. Grantmakers for Girls of Color (G4GC) is a leading philanthropic organization dedicated to cultivating investments in support of girls of color (Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian and Pacific American) in the United States. G4GC mobilizes philanthropic resources so that Black girls and girls and gender expansive youth of color can achieve equity and justice in this critical moment in history — and in our future.

In May, G4GC launched the Love is Healing COVID-19 Response Fund, its first grantmaking milestone as an organization, and has awarded more than $1.5 million to more than 80 organizations across the country. G4GC also serves as a shared resource for philanthropic efforts seeking to support girls, fem(mes) and gender expansive youth of color and openly invites partners and stakeholders to co-create an inclusive space toward their wellbeing across programmatic issues and geographic areas.




Executive Director Monique Morris, Ed.D

Deputy Director Maheen Kaleem, Esq.

G4GC’s Interim Advisory Committee