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Native Voices Rising Announces 2017 Request for Proposals

Common Counsel Foundation and Native Americans in Philanthropy are pleased to announce that Native Voices Risi...

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How We Make Black Girls Grow Up Too Fast

It was over a plate of ribs at my aunt’s dining room table when I learned that being a woman is about what men...

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When Black Hair Violates The Dress Code

Raising teenage girls can be a tough job. Raising black teenage girls as white parents can be even tougher. Aa...

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Second National Funders Convening

On June 7, more than 125 funders met for an all-day convening in New York for an urgent conversation on girls of color and safety.  At the convening, funders heard from girls of color impacted by interpersonal and state violence, discussed how movements are responding, and explored how funders can best support efforts working to create safety.

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NoVo Foundation 5 days ago

Need inspiration? Take a look at some powerful clips from the #G4GC convening on #ReimagingSafety:… #girlsofcolor

test Twitter Media - Need inspiration? Take a look at some powerful clips from the #G4GC convening on #ReimagingSafety: #girlsofcolor

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